Co-work, co-create, co-act!

The coworking space for creatives in the heart of Lisbon.

The 3rd Floor is a coworking space for creative minds, with a focus on design, craftsmanship and sustainability.

It came to life as a federative concept based on human ability and experience, aiming to build a community capable to debate and act on the different issues that arise every day.

To make it possible, we also organize and support cultural programs, conferences, debates, workshops and residencies.
Our current event program 'A Design Journey: From Lisbon to the world' has in view to establish Lisbon as a meeting point for creatives, designers, makers and who may be interested.

We will bring voices from important professionals in our fields who will address relevant related topics. You can follow this journey in person or by live streaming on Facebook and YouTube. Join us wherever you are!

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